Investor Driven Services

Our services organize around our mission to grow the net worth of our private investors.


We combine our transaction experience, market knowledge, research capabilities, and network of relationships to identify and assess the best off-market investment opportunities in California real estate and businesses.  We offer these high potential deals exclusively to our qualified investors.

Although every deal is unique, we apply the fundamentals:

  • Understand your investment goals and identify the appropriate investment opportunity.
  • Perform in-depth due diligence on the key financial drivers, comparables valuation, and growth potential.
  • Actively manage the transaction to ensure all involved parties work together towards a successful conclusion.
  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality to preserve and protect your critical relationships.

Capital Market

We assist our investors with a wide range of financing options through over a hundred capital sources. We specialize in securing financing for our international clients. By pre-qualifying investment opportunities with our lending partners, we offer our investors the ability to quickly close financed deals.

Institutional and Commercial Capital:

  • Bridge Loans (50% LTV)
  • Commercial Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Securitized Loans (CMBS)
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Preferred Equity

Financing for deals as small as $3 million are available. Our capital sources provide a range of financing options for loans up to $150 million, with most loans ranging between $10 to $30 million.

Buy-Side Acquisition Services

In meeting the specific investment needs of our investors, we actively conduct broad acquisition searches for properties and businesses in targeted areas.  We are well positioned to advise on acquisition candidates and related transaction matters.

We help clients:

  • Evaluate the potential target’s financial performance.
  • Assist in analyzing the viability of the property or business.
  • Research and review due diligence materials.
  • Develop a purchase price and transaction structure.
  • Negotiate the terms of the acquisition.

Asset Management and Advisory Services

For our international and out-of-state clients, we offer professional asset management services to ensure the newly acquired investment opportunities deliver on the projected results. We work with our clients to develop a clear portfolio strategy to achieve the desired returns.

We provide our clients:

  • Full financial reporting and analysis of assets under management.
  • Dependable and effective property and business managers.
  • In-house commercial insurance brokerage for savings of up to 50%.
  • Aggressive bidding for all third-party services.
  • Referrals to tax planning and legal professionals.